Directed by Peri Ibrahim.
Produced by Helen Cuinn, Leo Saidenough.
Sound by Leo Saidenough
Surround Sound 5.1 is available on DVD
(please contact leosaidenough@a-dub.co.uk)

Tambour is a Kurdish musical instrument. This is a story of Mamo, a Kurdish national invited to Scotland by his uncle to collect his inherited tambour... but when that precious instrument is stolen from him, Mamo needs to find a the real reason to stay in Scotland. A snapshot of Glasgow, seen through the fresh eyes of a foreigner with nothing left to lose, Tambour features traditional Kurdish folklore and modern music.
There are more then 20 professional actors and actresses and more then 40 people who helped to make this film happened. This film was shoot by group of friends and film enthusiasts in summer 2011 but finally edited and finished in August 2012 as part of Leo’s MDes in Sound for the Moving Image practice work of Glasgow School of Art.

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