Sound Post Production

  1.    Dialogue Editorial

  2.    Sound FX

  3.    ADR

  4.    Voice Over

  5.    Foley Editorial

  6.    Music Composing, Recording

  7.    Sound Design

  8.    Tracklaying

  9.    International Delivery

Audio Post Production

Dubbing Editing / Mixing

In Stereo and

Surround Sound

Clients and Partners






Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and booking timescale.

Please have a look at this guide before sending files to us

Rates start at £85.00 per hour or 8 hours session  £640.00 (£80.00 p/h)

This rate includes the services of a Dubbing Mixer.

For small budget project we have special rates £30.00 per hour, or £200 for 8 hours (£25.00 p/h)

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