Rates & Equipment Hire


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Sound Studio in Glasgow rates including Dubbing Mixer  / Sound Engineer,  start just from £85.00 per hour.

Or 8 hours session  £640.00 (£80.00 p/h)

Also our Sound Studio in Glasgow for Small Budget project we have special rates £30.00 per hour, or £200 for 8 hours (£25.00 p/h).

Mobile Recording Hire:

For Mobile Recording we have Multichannel Sound Recording System (26 channels Ins and 26 Outs).

Ideal for Live Concerts and Shows, Weddings, ect.

Special rates £30.00 per hour, or £200 for 8 hours (£25.00 p/h)

*** Including a Sound Engineer BUT Not including travel (Free in Glasgow City Area)

PA Hire

Ideal for Live Concerts, Conferences, Shows, Theatre, Drama, Weddings, Birthday Parties, ect.

Full PA with Sound Engineer just £200 (usually 5 hours).

We will setup deliver and collect the equipment for you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss what is required on:

e-mail: leosaidenough@a-dub.co.uk,

Mobile: +44(0) 77 5691 7644 (Leo Saidenough)


You can hire a PA (speakers, mixer, microphones) for your event:

a live presentation, concert, corporate and function.

We currently have ALTO Power Speakers

(800 Watt each, 2 speakers in total with stands)

enough for small to medium venues (300-500 people)

from £100.00 per day.

We have 2 sets of those speakers.

Hire Sound Mixer (16 Channels) is FREE with the speakers

or £10.00 a day.

Hire Microphones (Shure Sm58, wired and wireless with stands)

FREE with the PA

or £10.00 One Microphone per day and £15.00 per day for the wireless.

Disco Light £30.00 per day.

Smoke Machine £10.00 per day.