Preparing files for Sound Dub

Audio Post Production


So you finished your cut and now you have picture lock. The next step is Sound Dub.

Please give us:

  Picture as Quicktime
  Audio as OMFI (Type2) or AAF Embedded Audio with no picture.

Here is explanation of


Professional Sound Dub & Audio Post Production

Get your tracks sound as it should be

(with requirements of the Technical Review)

How to Prepare files for Sound Dub and Audio Post Production.pdfPrepare_for_Moving_Image_files/INSTRUCTIONS%20FOR%20PREPARING%20PROGRAM%20FOR%20DUBBING%20211011.pdfPrepare_for_Moving_Image_files/INSTRUCTIONS%20FOR%20PREPARING%20PROGRAM%20FOR%20DUBBING%20211011_1.pdfshapeimage_4_link_0

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