One of the most frequently questions is:

'Why don't my recordings sound as polished as a commercial record release?'

The answer usually given is that the difference is probably a result of the mastering process, which tends to give recordings a cohesive and professional feel.

Mastering is the last creative step in the record making process.  Best mastering engineer are selected to review the mixed masters and make overall dynamic and EQ adjustments as we feel are best suited for the project.

Standard rate from £50.00 per song (3-5 min).

Send us a file (with good resolution, no mp3 please) within 5 days we master the track and send you a sample if you like please make a payment and you’ll get the polished track mastered with the industry standard. Your track will be played well in any audio device.

If you’d like we can master your tracks with the different loudness standards (depends where the track is going to be played, i.e. CD, DVD, iTunes, iPod, etc.)

Analogue and Digital


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